Mullion Cove – Sunset Timelapse

Here is another Time-Lapse I created while on our Holidays, this time its of the Sunset over Mullion Cove

For those interested I used the following to create the time Lapse

Panasonic Lumix G3

Panasonic Fish-Eye Lense

Astro-Motion Control


The time-lapse took about 1-2hrs with 1-2 second intervals between each shot, these were then joined together into a short movie with iStopmotion

#UpInYourGrill Time-lapse

Attended one of B.eatstreet Manchester #UpInYourGrill events on Friday 25th July 2014 and while there thought I’d set up one of my GoPro’s to record the place filling up, also used it as an opportunity to try out my new Astro Motion Controller, you can see the result below, with the Astro’s footage tagged onto the end.

#UPINYOURGRILL from Vince Elgey on Vimeo.

The event took place at Brownsfield Mill on Tariff Street and there are I believe 12 of these occurring over the coming week’s, well probably less actually as, I think this one was about the 5th.


Motorised Camera Slider

Seeing as I won’t always be able to add photo’s to the blog on a regular basis, I thought I’d also use this place to tell you about some of the kit/equipment I use/buy.

I’ve been after a camera slider for quite a while now and have spent a fair few weeks trawling the internet for one that meets my requirements and I think I’ve finally found it.

It’s made and sold by a company in China called Generalink International CO.,LTD , their website is here

The main products they seem to manufacture/sell appear to be LED Lighting for camera and film photography, however they also manufacture a number of manual and motorised sliders and camera stabilisers.

So after a few emails back and forth with a delightful lady by the name of Natalie, they sent me a link to a video on the motorised version of the slider that I was interested in

As you can see the slider has the ability to run at various speeds along its length, the slider that I’ve choosen the  GL-LS100T, has the following speeds:

 Maximum : 5cm/s

Minimum : 2cm/h 

The Minimum speed is perfect for the idea’s I have planned for its use (Astro-Lapses).

After checking a few more details and deciding it might be best to order a spare battery with the slider I asked Natalie to provide an overall purchase and delivery price, which I’m happy to report considering what I’m getting and the fact it’s being shipped DHL from China, is alot cheaper than some of the alternatives out there.

So this slider has ticked all my boxes and I’m taking the plunge and ordering it, the payments, just gone through and should be confirmed at Natalies end, sometime on Friday hopefully, then it should get sent out on possibly Monday/Tuesday or next week and all being well, it should be in my sweaty hands by the following Friday, just in time for my birthday (its my birthday present to myself of course).

All being well once received I can then have a go at playing and learning how to use it and eventually combine it with 2012’s birthday present the “Astro Motion Control” which believe it or not I’m still waiting to have delivered 2 years after I placed an order for it (it was a kickstarter project ), its a Time-lapse device for creating panoramic timelapses, so combine that and a motorised slider and I do believe I’ll end up making some pretty sweet time-lapse videos 🙂

Anyway will post more once it arrives